Fodder Development

Being a drought prone area, there are constant challenges for the vegetation, which directly impacts on the cattle rearing. Plantation of Trees like Anjan, Babool, Neem, Shivan, Pimpran, ber (bor) are done in waste land that are purely rain fed. Cultivating specific grasses below the tree, Grasses like Marwel, Pavana, Styllo that are used as a fodder for goat.
Initially some trials have been done on own waste land, which not only showed a positive result but also helped convincing people to adapt the same.
Community based fodder development program is one of the unique activity initiated by 'Sheti Pariwar' where in with the peoples participation, a common plantation was done at the waste land. The fodder from the common area was used by the village.
'Sheti Pariwar' has also explored options that can provide easy nutrition to the cattle from the available resources. A single bhakri which is made from Maze, jowar, Soybean, and mineral mixture and common salt. This Single bhakri can meet the nutritional needs of the goat, at a very affordable cost and that too from locally available resources.