Krishi Narayani Dayanandini

After working with farmers for these many years, we got to know various issues and challenges that are encountered by the farmer. As 'Sheti Pariwar' has the specific thrust on Agricultural issues, we initiated some steps to make the Agriculture a Systematic practice.
'Krishi Narayani Dayanandini' is a diary which helps a Farmer to keep a record of each and every item that is used for cultivation. For E.g. What crop has been selected in which farm, what all manures have been used and their cost, Person efforts, Labor charges, growth of the crop, observation, treatment done for any pest attack, etc.
Tracking minute Details about the farm, that too by the farmer himself is quite a unique concept. The data is then used by the Famer to analyze the Net output and the commercials as well. The Complete Profit & Loss is tracked in this diary that too in a very simple manner.
Since 2001 'Krishi Narayani Dayanandini' is published by 'Sheti Pariwar' which is very much popular among farmers across the state of Maharashtra.
Occasionally gatherings are organized for Farmers who maintain these diaries, where in they share their experiences and benefits of maintaining the diary.
'Sheti Pariwar' has a one to one contact with each of its Diary subscriber, with whom they are connected with various mediums.