Osmanabadi Goat

Osmanabadi Goat is one of the Indigenous breed found in Maharashtra, this breed is good for meat and also the reproductive rate is also high.
We have selected this breed for the Trial of Stall Fed Goat farming, which showed good result. Along with a detailed research on stall fed goat farming, we also focused on the Breed development by Selection Method. Where in the goat is selected by assessing on various parameters such as Weight Gain, Twin Percentage, Mutton quality etc.
'Sheti Pariwar' follows a unique methodology of keeping a track record of the goats. Where in every goat has been assigned with a unique number and accordingly the data is stored related to that goat.
Presently we have the complete data of at least five generation of these Goat.

Osmanabadi Goat        Khillar Cow