About Us;

Atpadi is Located in the Sangli District, which is drought prone area of Maharashtra. Agriculture is majorly dependent on Rain water. As the other source of water is quite less, hence Irrigation facility is lacking. Due to all these challenges Goat and Sheep farming activity is quite popular in these region as these support a farmer economically to sustain. Goat is mainly reared for meat, and sheep is preferred for wool, for weaving blankets and other articles which are traditionally popular in these regions.
As Goat Rearing was a traditional occupation, hence the methods followed were also traditional. Where by Goats were taken to open farms and other places for gracing. The traditional way of goat rearing required much time and efforts.
These Traditional ways were not much liked by the new generations, hence opting for occupation other than agriculture, and migrating to other places in search of sustainable livelihood.
Shri. Narayanrao Deshpande, is from the same region and were familiar with these challenges. Though he was not much qualified academically but was filled with innovative ideas and courage to do something new which would help society at large.
'Sheti Pariwar Kalyan Sanstha' was founded In the Year 1975, by Shri. Deshpande Ji for agricultural development and other allied activities to address the livelihood challenges. Initially started some experiments with Stall Fed Goat farming, where by the Goat was kept in the enclosed area and was fed with locally available vegetation. This experiment was a big time hit, as till Then nobody had ever thought of Stall Fed Goat Farming.
Along with the Stall Fed Goat farming Shri. Deshpande ji also started developing the Breed, where in Osmanabadi Breed of Goat was maintained, and by selection method its breed development activity was started, today we have the records of Goats for more than 5 Generations.
The Systematic Intervention in the traditional methodology had helped developing a commercially and environmentally viable option, which is also acceptable to masses.
In the Year 1985, Shri. Deshpande Ji also tried some experiments of cultivating some Trees which would be specifically used as a fodder for the Goat.
These varieties of plants were easily grown on dry and waste land. This experiment had also shown a good result, and the same was documented and now imparted through various training programs.
'Sheti Pariwar' is now known for Imparting Training in Stall Fed Goat Rearing and Breed development of osmanabadi goat. Also offering variety of training programs in New Agricultural Methodologies and agro allied activities.