Stall Fed Goat Farming

Though the goat farming is a age old traditional occupation, but the issues that are encountered due to open field gracing which lead to disputes between with other farmers, as the goats used to damage the crops and also causes threat to bio diversity.
Hence a very unique activity was initiated by 'Sheti Pariwar', where in Stall Fed Goat Farming was introduced and promoted. The Advantage of Stall Fed Goat farming is that the Fodder for the goat is monitored and the growth was also maintained systematically.
For this unique concept our Founder President Shri. Narayan Rao Deshpande has been awarded with 'Bakri Pandit' by Indian Society for Sheep & Goat Production & Utilization, Mathura.
This Concept of Stall Fed Goat Farming is a big time hit, as it is warmly accepted by all the farmers across states. 'Sheti Pariwar' Conducts trainings to promote the same at various locations.